Huawei launches first Data Center Switch based on AI demands

Recently, Huawei has launched world first data center switch designed to face the new era of AI as the technology is blooming in the market and industry everyday. Their new data center switch is named CloudEngine 16800 which is designed to cope 86% of Enterprise AI demand by 2025 with an aim to increase customer satisfaction and demands.

The CloudEngine 16800 is the industry’s first data center switch with a high-performance AI chip that carries the original iLossLess intelligent lossless switching algorithm to achieve adaptive self-optimization of the traffic model, resulting in lower latency and higher throughput on a zero-loss basis. It is able to overcomes current conventional loss of computing power due to ethenet packet loss, thus incereasing AI computing power from 50% to 100% and 30% increase in data storage IOPS.


CloudEngine 16800 is based on an orthogonal architecture which address conventional technical issues to achieve ultra high speed signal transmission, highly efficient power supply and enhances heat dissipation.

It provides industry highest density 48-port 400GE Line card which is now 5x the industry average an dmeets AI multi-stream multiplication demand. Similarly, the single but power consumption is reduced to 50% which is much more energy efficient.

The in-built AI chip can improve device-intelligence level that enables the hip to have local reasoning and real time decision making capabilities. It can distributed via local intelligence combined with FabricInsight network analyzer.

The AI operation can identifies 2nd levle fault and positioning minutes fault which driving automated network. In the same time, it alos enhances the flexibility in deployment of operation & maintenance system.

Huawei GM of Data Center Network express that CloudEngine line-up has been enabled in 6000 enterprises worldwide to facilitates internet, banking, finance, distributor and more. It is able to acceleration transformation and jointly build a world of IoT.