Huawei Mate 9 will launched in tomorrow night! Sample images included

The next big flagship from Huawei – Mate 9 will be officially launched at Munich, Germany on 3rd Oct 2016 8pm GMT+8. The Mate 9 will be featuring the identical LEICA certified camera as seen on P9 and P9 plus and its sample shot are truly incredible. These sample shot are taken by Huawei smartphone branch manager @Bruce_Lee and posted on his Weibo. The dual camera on Mate 9 once again stole the show.

徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力

While Weibo shows that it is posted from a Huawei Ascend smartphone, the location of the image hints that it is taken from a Mate 9.

徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力


徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力徕卡双摄逆天!华为Mate 9实拍样张首曝:给力

The camera featured on the Mate 9 are the LEICA certified 12MP+12MP rear camera which is expected to be much better than the P9. It will be sporting a 5.9 inches Full HD display panel, powered by Kirin 960 and available in 4 to 6GB RAM and 32 to 128GB ROM as option.

Let’s wait for tomorrow launch and we will update you shortly.

Source : 快科技

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