Huawei Nova 3/3i EMUI 9.0 Beta open for trials

The Nova 3 and 3i is one of the iconic and hot selling Huawei smartphone this year. The new EMUI 9 is about to come to Nova 3 and Nova 3i and if you happen to own one, you can follow the instructions below to be the first to taste the Android Pie!

The EMUI 9.0 for Nova 3 and Nova 3i has entered the last stage of development and the biggest feature highlight is the GPU Turbo 2.0 which promises to bring enhanced frame rate and gameplay experience. You can learn more about other features such as AI e-commerce, Huawei Share and Phone Clone etc here.

Here’s how you can download it:-

1) Download Friendly User Test Apps here

2) Login

3) Participate in EMUI 9.0 Beta

4) Beta firmware will be provided by 5th December


Do reminded that this firmware is not officially stable as it is still under development. There could be bugs encountered and you are feel free to report it. After the beta trial has ended, EMUI 9.0 for Nova 3 and 3i should be far away.