Huawei, OPPO & Vivo join alliances to supply new OLED display

Display plays the a crucial role in each smartphone regardless of categories or size. The current display technology from LG and Samsung is favored by most smartphone company where both are well known for manufacturing brilliant display such as the AMOLED panel and the quantum dot display.

Samsung is the main supplier of OLED display for Apple gadgets while LG display, JDI and Sharp will be part of the Apple iPhone OLED display supplier in year 2018. With the emerging trends on the OLED display demands, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo will be combined into a single alliance to supply OLED display to smartphone manufacturer in near future.

As a China based smartphone company, there 3 companies has a leading industrial background in smartphone industry with their reputation just slightly behind Apple and Samsung.

The new joint company will be investing on OLED development and manufacturing in the year 2017. It is expected to provide 45 thousand pieces of OLED display each month in the year 2017 and 2018. This mass supply is expected to cope up increasing demand for smartphone display and one day it might surpasses Apple expectation to build for their next generation displays.

Source : 可可新闻资讯