Huawei P20 Pro new patch includes Super Slow Motion videography and newest security patch

It is always a common issue that Android smartphones left out in their security patch thus leading to poor score security and privacy reputation game. In recent years, Google has enforced a Google security patch policy to all manufacturers that accelerates the progression of patch development and release and shorten to at least a month. With this being said, Huawei Malaysia has released then new update on the P20 Pro with new features in videography and the newest June security patch.


Apart from security patch, the new update also optimizes performance and reducing bugs that ensures stability of the OS and hardware. Huawei also brings in optimization into Super Slow Motion video recording available in the Huawei P20 Pro.

In this new update, the Super Slow Motion 32X (960fps) will utilize AI for object classification to utilize the process of slow mo capturing, making it more efficient and faster so you can literary point and shoot whenever your want