Huawei P30 series (China) now receives EMUI 9.1 update with super night mode at front camera!

According to a update on Huawei fansclub China, Huawei P30, P30 Pro’s EMUI was officially releasedand supports P30 all network version ELE-AL00, P30 all network version (China Telecom) ELE-TL00, P30 Pro version VOG-AL00/VOG-AL10 And P30 Pro (China Telecom) VOG-TL00.

With this update, the front camera will add the portrait super night mode feature.

The specific update is as follows:


The front camera adds a portrait super night scene, and the front camera self-timer is switched in the “night scene” mode to obtain high-quality night self-timer.


Added gallery video editing feature to manually create personalized videos.

Fingerprint recognition

Optimization on the fingerprint recognition mechanism, it is recommended that you re-enter the fingerprint to enhance the experience.


By default, China Telecom’s VoLTE HD voice call function is enabled (this service needs to be activated).


Added support for HUAWEI X Gentle MonsterEyewear smart glasses to bring you a stylish and technologically friendly gaming experience.


Integrate Android’s August 2019 security patch to enhance mobile phone system security


As for Malaysian users, it is estimated that this update will be received soon, and please continue to look forward to the subsequent announcement of Huawei Malaysia.