HUAWEI P40 bundled plan is now available in Maxis Zerolution; 2 devices from RM159 per month!

For those who wanted to own the HUAWEI P40 series, now is the time! Maxis has recently collaborated with HUAWEI which let them own the HUAWEI P40 Series for as low as RM159.

Yes, you can now own it as low as RM159 for its device price and RM188 Maxis Zerolution Postpaid per month! You can sign RM128 Maxis Zerolution postpaid plan with RM169 monthly device fee to get two HUAWEI P40 device!

There is another alternative way to own the HUAWEI P40 series with Maxis PostPaid 128 with device price at RM99 per month! Click on this link to visit Maxis to find out.