HUAWEI P40 Pro rumored with IMX700 sensors with 52MP camera!

Recently Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has move their photography performance to the next level with 100MP camera. Rumor has it that HUAWEI is also making a 52MP camera. It is stated that the HUAWEI P40 Pro is sporting the Sony IMX 700 CMOS 52<P camera with RYYB colour matrix.


The Sony IMX 700 will use a 1 / 1.33 outsole and support 16 pixels in one (4 × 4). When combined, the photosensitive pixel size can reach up to 4.48μm. As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ’s 100-megapixel sensor HM1 supports 9-pixel integration (3 × 3), with a single pixel of up to 2.4 μm, and Xiaomi ’s 100-megapixel sensor HMX supports 4-pixel integration (2 × 2), single pixel maximum at 1.6μm.

Multi-pixel synthesis is a test of the sensor’s design capabilities. Samsung has to introduce new materials to solve the crosstalk problem in order to achieve 3 × 3. From this point of view, Sony’s camera is still superior, which will benefits from the night shooting performance.

HUAWEI P40 Pro also sports a 40MP super wide angle, wide angle, 10x telescopic camera and ToF sensor.