HUAWEI P50 series begins mass manufacturing, available only in black & white?

The upcoming HUAWEI P50 series will be the next big anticipation from the company. A new Weibo post has revealed that HUAWEI is making preparation for their next biggest update on the P series.

The alleged P50 series will be the first to equip Sony IMX800 sensor with over 1 inch sensor size. This is the best camera sensor from Sony and comes with better camera function at night.

Telescopic lens is preserved to achieve more powerful zoom and it is able to focus in microsecond level, just like human eye.

HUAWEI P50 will still be a joint effort with LEICA for its camera development. There will be three different version (P50, P50 Pro & P50 Pro+) which specs Kirin 9000L, 9000E and 9000 for different market targets.