Huawei Product Line VP Bruce Li states P30 Pro camera has been developed for 3 years

As the Huawei P30 series has just launched in Paris, this marks a new milestone of achievement of Huawei in photography. The Huawei P30 Pro was recently awarded the crown on DxOMark benchmark organization. Now let’s hear the background on the Huawei P30 development from Huawei Product VP Bruce Li.

Huawei P and Mate series is designed for international market and preferences for people all around the world. P series model is much more popular in Europe market than Mate series as P series is the first to enter.

The P series is designed for multimedia and photography in mind while Mate is for business use. P series has more focus on the beauty of imaging while Mate series is designed to be filled with innovative technology for better battery life and communication.

Bruce also confirms that the Mate 30 is under development. Each released model will be tested to 5 and 6 months all around the globe. As an example, the OIS motor from P30 has been tested for 3 years to ensure quality and durability of their products.

The reason why P30 series doesn’t offer as high resolution on Mate 20 is to provide a longer battery life. Despite having similar batteries, the P30 Pro is expected to have a longer battery life than Mate 20 Pro.