Huawei rumored to collaborate with Aptoide as app gallery

In the newest update on US – Huawei sanctions, rumor has it that Huawei is in the midst of business discussion with Aptoide as the resolution on Google Play Store.

Aptoide is the 3rd largest Android app marketplace with over 900 thousands apps available online and global users at 20 mil. According to foreign report, Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos has undergone multiple business discussion and meeting to achieve collaboration between both party.

In the meantime, Aptoide also clarify that there is no collaboration between Huawei yet but there are open for possible collaboration and business partnership in the future.

In the meantime, it is also possible that Huawei to add Aptoide into its own app gallery. However, this is merely a presumption and everything will require official announcement as confirmation.