HUAWEI shows SmartScreen X65 feature: Gesture controls everything

Soon after the international launch of the HUAWEI P40 series, Richard Yu also teases new product which will be launched in China. Recently there has been several leaks on the upcoming SmartScreen which is a revised model and comes with lot more feature.

The Weibo post shows the SmartScreen X65 from HUAWEI and it comes with 24MP AI wide angle camera (which is also elevating), OLED display, 14″ stereo loudspeaker and more.

余承东所述大招来了 华为智慧屏新旗舰X65剧透:不用语音、无需遥控

On April 6, HUAWEI has officially released the last spoiler before the smart screen flagship new product was released. The spoiler content showed that the new smart screen flagship “can be easily controlled without voice or remote control.”

Many have speculated that this may be suggesting a brand-new gameplay such as air gesture operation.

At the same time, the official also announced that thanks to the Huawei NPU’s AI computing power, the low-light camera “Huiyan” supports more intelligent feature such as distance recognition, bone and joint recognition, face tracking and more. The new way of interaction is free from voice and traditional IR remote. 余承东所述大招来了 华为智慧屏新旗舰X65剧透:不用语音、无需遥控

The SmartScreen represents the new generation of cross platform technology which relies on lower latency and offer greater security. This will soon form as the foundation of Harmony OS.

The launch will take place on 8th April.