HUAWEI SmartScreen for commercial with multi-screen support, low latency will be launched on 17th April

Few days ago, HUAWEI has just announced the new SmartScreen X65 in the China market which retails at RMB24999 along with HUAWEI V55i priced at RMB3799. Added with V55, V65, V75, HUAWEI supplies has cover most of the entry level to flagship premium market.

According to HUAWEI announcement, they will be launching a new product in new Smart Product launch happening on 17th April 2020. The new product includes the SmartScreen which is designed to be used commercially.

It is allegedly known that the HUAWEI SmartScreen for commericial can be linked with PC, smartphones to achieve multi-screen sharing feature. It also creates ultra high definition, low latency and cloud based ecosystem for multi client uses.

As for its design, there will be the camera and metal alloy body along with wheel for better portability.