Huawei Talkband B2 – An ultimate fashionable experience

After the wearable becoming popular during its introduction in early last year, smartwatches and other tiny wearables has become a norm as a part of the fashion. Last year, Huawei launched the Talkband B1 and now here comes the experience report Talkband B2!



Comparing the Talkband B1, the Talkband B2 offers more versatile solution on the previous issue from the Bluetooth mainboard. Combining the Bluetooth function and other smartband-must have function, the Talkband B2 offer much more function than displaying the time and date. If you ever felt there was no place for the Bluetooth headset to put in your pocket, Huawei Talkband B2 allows you to to plug in the headset for instant recharge! The Bluetooth headset can also act as the display from incoming calls and other essential information of the Talkband.



The Talkband B2 offers an executive and fashionable outlook. There is also some specification upgrade from the Talkband B1.

  • 0.73 inch OLED touch display with 128 x 88pixels
  • dual microphone,6-axis gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer
  • 96KB RAM / 16MB Flash(Bluetooth)、512KB Flash(microprocessor)
  • 90mAh battery
  • BT 4.1
  • 6 hours talk time with Bluetooth headset
  • IP 57 water resistant certified
  • support Android OS 4.0/ iOS 7.0 and above
  • RRP:  RM 558



The 0.73 inches OLED display is unique as it shown in a mirror like appearance with 120 x 88 pixels resolution. In bright sunlight, the display is hardly to be seen.



The review unit of the Talkband B2 is likely designed for sports as it comes with plastic-rubber like texture and appearance. Although the white colour does seems to be attractive in the first look, prolonged usage and exposure to dirt and sweat will result in brown and dirt cluttering around the wrist band which makes it disappealing. There is a time when we accidentally place the Talkband B2 into a jeans and some part when blue. Be careful!



Apart from the band itself, the main body unit is made up of metallic aluminium alloy with design that enhances the shiny metallic texture on the side. Looks attractive and elegant!



Simply removing the outer unit of the Talkband B2 and it becomes a headset! When the smartband sensed an incoming call, it will be picked up in 2 seconds after placing the headset into the ears. How convenience it is!




The Talkband B2 only comes with 1 button which turns on and dim the display on the headset. Long press the button can activate the camera application in the smartphone or trying to locate the smartphone.



Long pressing the button also activates the Bluetooth functionality.



Phone locating function.



Activating the camera application from smartphone.



In the Home UI, the Talkband B2 will display the battery level and the Bluetooth connectivity status.



Swiping up shows the amount of steps when you have been walked.



Swipe up again to shows total calories burned.



You can monitor your sleep quality of last night if you wore it during sleep.



New timer option! It can be activated by long pressing the button for 3 seconds.









The Huawei Talkband B2 can be easily connected by download Huawei Wear from the Google Play Store and App Store. From the application, you can monitor the overall health and fitness as well as sleep quality from your smartphone at ease.




The new TalkBand B2 features the similar form factor from the last Talkband B1. However, the data obtained from the sensor might not be accurate sometimes which defies the purpose of having a smartband for work and leisure purpose. However, it still comes with impressive battery life up to 3 to 4 days!

As a multifunctional Bluetooth headset, the Talkband B2 has a new fashionable appearance while providing convenience in checking time and answering calls. If you find this piece of hardware fancy, check out Huawei store for more information!