Huawei Talkband B2 finally released on today!

Earlier this month, Huawei has unleashed several new gadgets and smartphone on its launch event happening in Singapore. One of the product launched, Talkband B2 was now open and available on Huawei’s official website! All of the information and the pricing has been released.

Based on the vmall screenshot attached above, we can see that there are 2 variants of the the Huawei Talkband based on the colour, The white/black colour (standard) and the gold colour comes with Bluetooth and dust resistance feature but priced at RM558 and RM668 respectively. The standard variant comes with plastic belt while the gold version comes with leather belt.

The Talkband B2 is a smartphone companion that help you doing those peripheral task apart from acting like a watch. It is able to answer calls and locate your smartphone when it goes missing. Besides, you can detach the main module from the band and transform it as a bluetooth headset up to 6 hours of talk time! A single recharge for 1.5 hours is sufficient to make the Talkband B2 last for several days!

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