HUAWEI to collaborate with India made OS IndusOS to expand HMS system & supplying 400 thousands apps!

Due to the US trade contraband against HUAWEI, its sales record in international market has been plummeted including India. Recently, they have announced collaboration with the India made mobile operating system INDUSOS to expands its HMS ecosystem.

According to the news, HUAWEI is currently negotiating with India’s IndusOS company because IndusOS’s App Bazaar application store is much more popular in India and it provides local users in India with more than 400,000 App applications in 12 different languages.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung and IndusOS cooperated last year (2019) to add Apps from App Bazaar to the Galaxy Store, bringing more than 400,000 apps to local Samsung users. Not only that, Samsung Ventures, an investment arm of Samsung, also acquired a 20% stake in IndusOS.

At this stage, developing regional markets is the key to HUAWEI’s development in various regions. Therefore, cooperation with IndusOS may help HUAWEI to improve local performance in India. Although the two sides have not announced the final results based on this cooperation negotiation, once they reach Cooperation, the two sides will be the first to cooperate in India. If this plan goes smoothly, it does not rule out that HUAWEI will carry out similar strategies in other markets.