HUAWEI to continue participate in 5G development in UK

During January this year, UK has approved to let HUAWEI to develop 5G infastructure in the United Kingdom. However, there are some diagreement between both parties which disallow 5G infastructure to be build by HUAWEI. Today, it has been decided to retain HUAWEI for the 5G development in the UK.

Several senior Conservatives from the UK have expressed opposition to the decision and demanded that HUAWEI be completely removed from the country’s 5G network by the end of 2022. In order to eliminate these opposition waves, the British government stated that it would work to increase the supply of 5G telecommunications equipment and make operators unnecessary to use it, but refused to propose a timetable to block HUAWEI.

Members from the Conservative Party proposed related amendments, hoping to eliminate HUAWEI completely. A subsequent vote in the British House of Commons on Tuesday vetoed the amendment by 306 to 282.

As early in January, UK decided to allow HUAWEI to participate in the peripheral network part of 5G network construction, and its market share reached 35%. This decision angered the US government, and Washington wants to exclude HUAWEI from participating in the construction of the next-generation communication system from Western countries, and hopes that the United Kingdom will reconsider.