HUAWEI to launch HiCharger for electric automotive in China

According to HUAWEI officials, HUAWEI will be launching all new products for electric automotive industry and it is known as HUAWEI HiCharger. The HiCharger will be installed on several place in China which includes Beijing, ChangZhou, ShenZhen, Zhuhai & Dalian.

Huawei’s upcoming HUAWEI HiCharger will provide solutions for new energy charging infrastructure, which marks Huawei’s entry into the electric automotive industry.

Being the Huawei’s fastest-growing product lines, the network energy product line covers energy for data center, communications, smart photovoltaic, and smart electric.

Among them, Huawei Smart Electric is committed to creating high-quality, high-standard automotive electrification solutions, providing components such as charging and power supply, electronic control, and battery management.

Nowadays, Huawei’s layout of new energy charging facilities shows how important it is to the prospect of new infrastructure development. With Huawei’s strength, it is believed that it will be closer and closer to the “primary suppliers in the field of smart cars”.