HUAWEI Video and Astro launch Merdeka Bundle video plan with 8 movies and stand a chance to win HUAWEI P40 Pro

Celebrating our upcoming Malaysia independence day, The HUAWEI Video-on-demand (VOD) will be collaborating with Astro for the Merdeka Bundle services along with 8 movies including local tittles such as “Pusaka”.

For just RM20, you can watch all 8 movies movies anytime where its genre includes horror and action movies.

For those who subscribe for the Merdeka Bundle, they can stand a chance to win RM60,000 worth of prizes. The grand prize is the HUAWEI P40 Pro and HUAWEI didn’t limit how much you can buy to win the grand prizes.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy 20% off for each purchase of any Astro movies except for those that are in Merdeka Bundle.

Apart from Merdeka Bundle, HUAWEI Video users can also get watch free movie “Pusaka” to experience the horror and thrill.

Apart from “Pusaka”, there will be other local tittles such as “Misteri Dilaila” and “Sangkar” which can be purchased from RM3 to RM9.90.

Click here for more information of the Merdeka Bundle