Intel pushes more “Core” functionalities in CES Asia 2015

Intel as one of the largest processor chip manufacturing and development company has once again released many products that could revolutionizes the our smart living lifestyle. Apart from computing, Intel invested its effort on compatibility in wearable and charging technology which target to different population.

1. Wearable

Basis Peak

The Basis Peak is fitness tracker that seems no different from other smartwatch in the market. However, the Basis Peak does not requires switching interfaces and always monitor the user heart rate, sleep quality and blood data. This is very useful to those who were very concern of one health status.


MICA is a smartwatch which comes with call and message functionality. This smartwatch features a sapphire glass display and surrounded with metallic finish at the side. It can supports SIM card that comes with 3G connectivity which future enable it to make call and sending text message without relying on a smartphone. This product is currently unannounced and the availability with pricing is unknown.


Intel has cooperated with SMS Audio for the production of BioSport, a smart earphone that highly fit those sporty athlete. It also comes with noise cancellation features and able to track the heart rate details when worn. The data collected can be synced directly onto RunKeeper application which is available in Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.


2. Wireless Charging

Rezence Wireless Charging

After joining Alliance for Wireless Power, Intel release the Rezence Wireless Charging technology which enables any possibile mobile device to be charged with output up to 20W. Intel plans to integrate this technology into tablet and laptop apart from mobile phones.


3. Gaming

The latest Intel processor comes with intergrated graphics which provides rendering capability when streaming and watching online video. However, gaming with integrated graphics could be a big issue when it comes to live rendering and frame rate.

With the Intel Iris Pro graphics, gaming with Intel intergrated graphics is no longer an issue. The Iris Pro comes with MPJEG acceleration technology and supports 3D and 4K decoding, making gaming and video rendering an seamless issue.

Intel Extreme Masters(IEM

Intel Extreme Masters is a competitive gaming arena which involves the battle of the gaming elites all around the world. Those participated will grab the first chance in trying the first even Intel products is unreleased into the public. These competitive tittles includes Starcraft II and League of Legends which is being organized in China each year.


4. New innovative technology

Realsense Technology

The Intel Realsense Technology is aimed to enhance the interaction of human with the household appliances. Intel also releases its SDK which allows developers to bringing more exciting content and product that feature this Realsense technology in the future. This technology includes facial expression detection, face recognition, finger tracking and voice recognition feature.

Source: ZOL