iOS 10 is 2500 times more vulnerable than iOS 9

If you think your iOS is the safest mobile operating system on this world (yet), it’s time to review the recent report from industrial security analysts. According to Russian IT security company ElcomSoft, the iTunes password backup authentication will bypass some of its procedure and makes the iOS entirely vulnerable to password attack by 2500 times.


With a decent and powerful GPU GTX1080 with multiple CUDA cores, it is able to bruteforce iOS 9 by 150,000 passwords per second. A simple desktop processor powered by Intel Core i5 is able to perform 2400 password combination per second. However, the password crunching rate on iOS 10 with Intel Core i5 has elevated to 6,000,000 password per second which makes it more easier and faster to crack.

Apple has officially acknowledge this security issue in a report from Forbes and has begin launching bug fixes in the near future.

iOS 10