iOS 14 for iPhone XR & XS now supports QuickTake video recording feature

In the latest iOS 14 release, it has added some specific feature to the last generation iPhone XR and XS which focus on its photo/videography.

With the newupdate, iPhone XS Max, XR and XS will now have QuickTake feature which is previously available on iPhone 11 series only. This feature allow you take video by holding the shutter key.

For a quicker change from photo to video mode, you can swipe right into lock position which changes the Photo mode to video mode. This is certainly a convenient add-on in iOS 14!


Apart from this feature, iOS 14 update increases shutter speed and now captures 4 photos per seconds. It also provide guidance in photo with the aid of gyro sensor and user will be able to delete the video halfway before the recording is completed.