iOS critical bug causing app crashes and reboot on malicious Wi-Fi hotspot

The iOS is a proprietary operating system owned by Apple Inc and available on all Apple products. After iOS 8 has been released in few months ago, a research at Skycure found a critical bug where an attacker can modify an Wi-Fi system hotspot and causing connected iOS to face app crashes and constant reboot. The ‘No iOS Zone” is where a malicous Wi-Fi hotspot has modified the SSL certificates before distributing directly to each iOS handset connected within the range. As the SSL security was utilized in almost every iOS application connected to network, this modification can cause denial of service on the iOS devices and render it “unusuable”

Here is an demo video showing on the DoS on iOS devices


The researcher at Skycure has reported the bug onto Apple and expected to have a fix on this critical bug soon. Although it has not been commonly discovered in most area, this critical bug can be exploited in the future and causing unnecessary issues.


Source: Skycure via Phonearena