iPhone 7 didn’t ditches the earphone jack, and comes with a dual SIM design!

Since last year, it is rumoured that the new iPhone 7 will ditch the convetional 3.5mm audio jack because of its slim size as Apple “planned” to utilize the lightning port for audio output. However, a recent hardware leak of the Apple iPhone 7 has shown a different outcome from what it claims in previous leaks.iphone-7-dual-sim-leak

Recently one iPhone repair shop representative Mr Rick has posted an update on Weibo that claims that the hardware inside the picture attached in the post belongs to iPhone 7. It can be seen that the alleged iPhone 7 does feature a 4.7 inches display, a dual SIM port and a 3.5mm audio jack and a dual rear camera. The iconic white strips antenna on its back will not be removed, but instead comes with a new design.

While these leaks and rumours appears to be true, the truth and accuracy of these alleged leaks will be confirmed during the launch of iPhone 7, which is set to be happen on September this year.


Source : Engadget中文版, Weibo

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