iPhone XS Max screen repair could cost up to RM2000!

As we have covered on the maintenance and repair price on the new generation iPhone in US few weeks ago, Malaysia authorized Apple distributor has announced the pricing for screen repair for the new generation iPhone XR and XS series.

For those who reside in US or places with Apple retail store, buyers can usually sign up for their Apple Care protection plan (more like an insurance plan) but it is not available nor eligible in Malaysia since there is no Apple store. Meanwhile, Malaysian authorized Apple distributor – Switch has announced the repair cost of the iPhone XR and the XS series with price starting from iPhone XR at RM1140; RM1590 for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max for RM1790.

Meanwhile, Machines also announced their repair cost with the iPhone XR at RM1299, iPhone XS at RM1599 and iPhone XS Max at RM1999! Basically screen repair on iPhone will cost a big buck so always stay protected!