Is 2 battery smartphone the future?

As people tend of use their phone for gaming, shopping aside from communication, the battery of the smartphone is almost the key of everything. Without any electicity inside, even an extreme powerful processor cant does its job command. The use of powerbank also does its duty for temporary recharging, but the amount recharged per hour and the portability is always another concern of the smartphone users. Instead having finding electrical socket in each hour, Gionee looks like it has found an ideal solution for the issue?

Their latest smartphone, from Gionee will feature 2 battery which can provides a battery life that last up to 4 days without a single recharge. This feature will be implemented on their flagship M5. Although there isn’t much information was known about this device, we can expect this device will be pretty long lasting since it is equipped with 2 batteries instead of one. However, having 2 batteries packed in a tiny smartphone will have to sacrifices the sizes of the smartphone which makes it appears more bulky.

We will see how well does Gionee does in this plan.