Kirin 990 SoC leaked; now in development stage

Recently, a leaked informant from XDA has revealed that an alleged “Kirin 985” will be next Kirin flagship update. However, it is unlikely to have an improved version of Kirin 980 since Huawei has stop making such variant from Kirin 960. Or is they?

Some research from LinkedIn hints that the Kirin 990 platform development has already started. The engineer is currently working for energy efficiency tuning for the said SoC which is expected to prevail in next-gen smartphones.

Since ARM has not yet updated the Cortex and Mali public architecture, there is still no specific proof for the so-called “Kirin990”. However, at least one can confirm that the manufacturing process is still a high probability from TSMC, but likely will be upgraded to a more advanced 7nm EUV.