Kirin Insiders denies rumors that HUAWEI will be making their own chip by this year.

Due to multiple trade restrictions, HUAWEI was pulled off from Google Services and ARM supply to HUAWEI is also severely limited. Recently there is a rumor stating that HUAWEI will be making the Kirin based on their new chip. However, it was denied by insider who is working with Kirin development.


The previous rumor stated that HUAWEI will be developing its 45nm SoC without the aid of ARM from US. While this sounds logically, Kirin Insider has stated that it is not possible to develop chipset to replace ARM in such as short time.

Even the most advanced etching system in China is only capable in making 90nm architecture, it is extremely difficult to make 45nm and not even 7nm which is getting popular right now.

Good news is, HUAWEI will be getting collaboration from Qualcomm for potential trade for their future smartphones until the ARM-HUAWEI issue has been resolved.