Late Uber passengers to get summoned with various rate

When you are waiting right outside of a premises just to get your passenger on-board, and seconds later your are getting honked as your slowly begin to obstruct traffic behind, this kind of scenario has became fairly popular in those area where passenger always think they have to right to make the driver wait instead of getting on time. However, Uber Singapore has changed the rules and will imposes penalty (or casually named as wait-time charges) for passenger who didn’t show up in pre-agreed location for more than 3 minutes.


The rate of wait time charges starts from SGD0.20 after first 3 minutes wait for standard UberX ride and up to SGD0.60/min when you get your EXECLarge driver wait for more than 3 minutes. The rate might be differ during peak hours and you get to pay more if you being late.

With that being said, please be punctual as it is good for you and your driver. Should Uber Malaysia imposes such penalties too?