Learn top iPod touch features in 1 minute!

Previously Apple has been ‘accidentally’ upload a secret teaser on its website showing few new colors of iPod Touch and thus we expect that Apple is planning the release of the new iPod (since there isn’t any iPod launch these years). Turnsout, the guess is true and the new iPod Touch will have a significant improvement in terms of its specification (and camera!) and much more. Let’s see whats new on the new iPod Touch

1. New colors!

The new iPod touch comes with 3 new colors which are dark blue, champagne gold and pink! Which one is your favorite?

2. Camera upgrade!

The new iPod Touch will feature a 8MP camera with slo-mo video capture, timelapse, HDR mode support just like the camera built on iPhone 6!


3. Processor upgrade


The new A8 chip built into the Apple iPod promises much better performance than its predecessor. Thus we could expect much newer games and application can be supported on this device!


4. Large storage!

Is 128GB total storage sufficient enough?

5. No Touch ID?

What?? A new generation of the iPod Touch has been omitted for proprietary Touch ID support? Since there is so much improvements on the hardware specification we would expect to see Touch ID to be implemented into the system.


Meanwhile… there isn’t much change on the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle aparts from its new color

Source : Apple