Lenovo gives a green light on Motorola smartphone production

Few years back when Lenovo has acquired Motorola smartphone company, Motorola has always been operating under the instructions from Lenovo. Since Motorola smartphones does not launch in a constant period, Lenovo announced that they decided to give Motorola a greenlight in launching their own smartphones. What could be the reason behind this?



Lenovo vice CEO has announced that Motorola company will continue to manufacture, development, design and market their own smartphone. They have trust and confidence in their products which being priced at the premium range.



It was also heard that Lenovo now allows Motorola to slowly taking up their place in smartphone development and manufacturing. It could likely be since Lenovo does not get a good reputation as much as Motorola in european and US countries, it’s time to give Motorola some light while advertising their smartphones overseas. Meanwhile, ZUK users does not have big concern regarding this issues since it is operating under its own.

Will this change brightens the future of Lenovo? What do you think?