LG brings first rotating dual display smartphone – LG Wing for RM3789.

Apart from the classic brick shaped smartphone, there has been rise of new smartphone design trend such as foldable, flippable and more. LG in the other hand has truly innovated their newest creation with the introduction of LG Wing, where it will have two display that can be arranged in vertical and horizontal mode.

首款可旋转双屏5G手机 LG Wing发布:弹出镜头+双屏

LG Wing consists of one primary 6.8 inches display with resolution at 2460 x 1080 with aspect ratio at 20.5:9. The secondary screen is at 3.9 inch with resolution at 1240×1080 and the aspect ratio is at 1.15:1.

The biggest design and functional highlight is the rotating front display which form a T shaped smartphone. Both screen can execute different application which is suitable for multi-tasking. The secondary screen can also be used as a keyboard while enjoying greater screen estate during typing compared to conventional phone.

LG also uses pop-up camera solution hidden within the body and thus little to now bezel can be found.

首款可旋转双屏5G手机 LG Wing发布:弹出镜头+双屏

Spec wise, LG Wing is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with 8GB RAM, 64MP triple rear camera along with battery sized at 4000mAh.

LG has yet to announce retail pricing but it will be available shortly in Korea and followed by Verizon in the US. The rumored retail price for this is at US$915 and it is still unsure whether it is cell locked.

首款可旋转双屏5G手机 LG Wing发布:弹出镜头+双屏

首款可旋转双屏5G手机 LG Wing发布:弹出镜头+双屏

首款可旋转双屏5G手机 LG Wing发布:弹出镜头+双屏



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