LG makes smartphone batteries no longer overheat

With a long period of intensive smartphone usage, the temperature of the smartphone will be rising dramatically due to heat generated by the processor and eventually impact on the battery temperature as both are closely related. Rising battery temperature above certain limit raises concern for its safety as the poor battery quality could potentially explodes or caught in fire. However, LG has a plan to eliminates battery overheat by addition of a copper heat sink on the smartphone. Official claims that even when the smartphone temperature has reached burning temperature at 150°C, its battery doesn’t overheat.

A heat pipe placed inside the LG G6, will disperse heat


The concept of heat pipe to dissipates heat has been implemented as early in the era when notebook are popular. Notebook usually comes with copper heat sink to transfer the heat away from the processor and other hardware thus reduce temperature and increase performance. With the addition of copper heat pipe, the temperature of the smartphone has maintain at 6 to 10% lower than normal operating temperature.

LG is planning to implement such technology into the LG G6, a method to raise awareness of its safety so that user can get a piece of mind from smartphone battery explosion issues due to overheat.

Source : Phone Arena