Malaysia gets No. 9 fastest network in Asia Pacific region with 6.4Mbps average!

Akamai Technologies Inc, the leading content delivery network services provider for media and software delivery has published the 2016 Q1 SOTI (State of the Internet) report. This report is analyzed through Akamai Intelligent Platform that determines internet speed with over 2 million IPv4 address in countries worldwide which include Malaysia.



Asia-Pacific average Internet connection speed:

Korea: 29Mbps
Hong Kong: 19.9Mbps
Japan: 18.2Mbps
Singapore: 16.5Mbps
Taiwan: 14.8Mbps
Thailand: 10.8Mbps
New Zealand: 10.5Mbps
Australia: 8.8Mbps
Malaysia: 6.4Mbps
Sri Lanka: 5.4Mbps
Vietnam: 5Mbps
Indonesia: 4.5Mbps
China: 4.3Mbps
Philippines: 3.5Mbps
India: 3.5M

The average internet connection speed in Malaysia is at 6.4Mbps which is 1 rank lower from 73th to 74th in Q1 2016.



Asia-Pacific Internet average peak connection speed:

Singapore: 146.9Mbps
Hong Kong: 110.3Mbps
Indonesia: 110.2Mbps
Korea: 103.6Mbps
Japan: 84.6Mbps
Taiwan: 83.1Mbps
Thailand: 69.6Mbps
New Zealand: 49.8Mbps
Malaysia: 46.3Mbps
Australia: 43.8Mbps
Sri Lanka: 35.4Mbps
Vietnam: 34.1Mbps
China: 31Mbps
Philippines: 29.9Mbps
India: 25.5Mbps

The average peak connection speed in Malaysia is at 46.3Mbps which is faster than last year results (Q4 2015 at 42Mbps). The result shows that around 68% network connection in Malaysia reaches 4Mbps and above which fall into the 69th rank across the globe. Meanwhile, only 11% of Malaysian network get to enjoy internet connection speed over 10Mbps.

The average mobile connection speed of Malaysian is at 3.3Mbps which is faster than the 2.5Mbps in Q4 20165. The average peak mobile connection speed is at 26.1Mbps which has improved from 24.5Mbps in Q4 2015.


Top 10 global average Internet connection speed:

South Korea: 29 Mbps
Norway: 21.3Mbps
Sweden: 20.6Mbps
Hong Kong: 19.9Mbps
Switzerland: 18.7Mbps
Latvia: 18.3Mbps
Japan: 18.2Mbps
Netherlands: 17.9Mbps
Czech Republic: 17.8Mbps
Finland: 17.7Mbps


Top 10 global average peak connection speeds:

Singapore: 146.9Mbps
Hong Kong: 110.3Mbps
Indonesia: 110.2Mbps
Korea: 103.6Mbps
Qatar: 89.2Mbps
Macau: 85.9Mbps
Japan: 84.6Mbps
Taiwan: 83.1Mbps
Romania: 82.4Mbps
Mongolia: 80.4Mbps