Maxis all new concept store opening at The Gardens KL

Just in today, Maxis has opened up a new branch in The Gardens located at KL. It is the first Maxis concept store in Malaysia and offers a new way of interaction.

Here’s the special highlights of their concept store.

When you first stepped in, you will be greeted with a virtual assistant with the name MIRA. Instead of taking numbers, you will need to scan the QR code on the screen and they will be assist you shortly.

In the meantime, there is also a 98 ” voice activated display where you can compare between two smartphones at once. You can get your preferred smartphone compared side by side.

The new Maxis concept store also had a accessories center where you get test these accessories on your device. Some accessories can be tested and there is no worry on theft, as all accessories are protected with RFID system.

The display area in the Maxis concept store is also known as The Forest. It show cases many of the smartphone and all of them were installed with Maxis Discovery App to learn more information ab0ut the device.

There is even a Razer booth on Maxis concept store!

Do visit the 2nd floor of The Gardens where Maxis Concept store is located. You can find it nearby Isetan and Nike.