Maxis, Celcom, UMobile & Digi shows the own 5G achievement

Maxis has been closely working with Huawei for its 5G development. Their 5G speed test shows incredible transfer speed at 4.13Gbps and could reach up to 4.35Gbps.

As for U Mobile, they are collaborating with ZTE and achieves 1.45Gbps.

Celcom claims excellent coverage indoor and outdoor. They will be demonstrating a self driving car with low latency network connectivity.

Digi also shows their independent 5G station which doesn’t not includes 4G and 3G network coverage. Such station has a hefty operation cost but offers higher quality network. Download speed was tested at 1.6Gbps.

Digi expect 5G to be used on drones, games and VR.




Alex Wee

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