Maxis now allow supplement line to buy phones via Zerolution!

The principal and supplementary line concept was popular in local market as it enables one to manage all accounts at once. Maxis is now offering Zerolution plan to each Share Line users to grab the newest smartphone from Maxis.

Besides, you can get the Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB via Zerolution with the rate of RM132 per month while iPhone XS 64GB variant is at RM209 month; Huawei P30 Pro 256GB for RM158 per month.

Share Line users can also share the data from the principal line and each share line will have total of 20GB data with 10GB exclusive data and 10GB shared data. Furthermore, the roaming charge from Maxis is only RM38 per month paid by principal and the rest can enjoy roaming in South East Asia countries.