Maxis now collab with Apple for new eSIM solution

Few weeks earlier, Xiaomi Malaysia has taken the initiative for popularizing e-SIM in Xiaomi smartphones so that users can call and browse internet without relying a physical SIM. Today, Maxis is finally having a eSIM solution for the new Apple iPhone!

If you might not have a clue on what eSIM is, this virtual SIM has became popular when Apple finally brings dual SIM solution in the new iPhone while retaining dual physical SIM for China iPhone users.



While Maxis has announced eSIM solution for Huawei Watch 2, there is no news for the eSIM solution on the new generation Apple iPhones.

However, Amanz today has reported that the Maxis FAQ now added eSIM availability solution for the iPhone XR/ XS/ XS Max. Learn more about this at Maxis official site.