Maxis ookyo gets you unlimited app surfing at RM1 for the first month!

Have you heard about the ookyo from Maxis recently? Maxis has early launched this prepaid this September that brings unlimited app surfing for just RM30. It comes with unlimited surfing on several apps depending the package you choose from and you can surf effortlessly without spending on your monthly data quota. This time, Maxis has offer those who want to try out the plan with an initial monthly subscription only at RM1. That’s right, you can surf all day everyday on your favourite apps as low as RM1 in your first month.

Apart from the incredibly unlimited app surfing quota, ookya also offers 3GB high speed internet followed by 500MB free basic throttled internet.

Try ookyo RM1

The initial monthly subscription of the ooklya is just RM1 and follows by RM30 per month. Your ookya prepaid line must be active for 2 months before termination of your account. Visit ookyo to register online and try it out today!