MaxisOne Home gives you 20Mbps internet only for RM170!

Looking for a new internet service provider that provides high speed internet at a reasonable price? Maxis has introduced their latest MaxisOne Home plan that comes with a download and upload bandwidth at 20Mbps, 30Mbps and 100Mbps! There are also other discount coming along with the plan and the first installation for Maxis Fiber will get to enjoy complimentary Maxperts service!

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20 Mbps comes with a monthly subscription at RM170 (RM28 off for MaxisONE Plan)

30 Mbps comes with a monthly subscription at RM220 (RM50 off for MaxisONE Plan)

100 Mbps comes with a monthly subscription at RM330 (RM68 off for MaxisONE Plan)



On a side note, the MaxisOne Home 20Mbps and 30Mbps is open for all existing MaxisONE plan user while the 100Mbps plan is only open for MaxisONE plan 158, 188, MaxisONE business and MaxisONE Business Extra subscribers only.


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The Maxperts is a complimentary services that comes along with the MaxisONE Home Fiber plan. Maxis will sent expert technician to search for poor wifi coverage in your house and evaluate the ideal location to place your router. If your residences has a small internet coverage, Maxperts will be providing more internet line until all your residences is covered with MaxisONE home.

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Source : Maxis