Meet the Bixby voice assistant on the 22nd August tomorrow!

Design and hardware aside, the Samsung Bixby is that catches everyone’s attention during the S8 and S8 Plus launch. It is the Samsung new voice assistant that brings up something more than you normal voice assistant. Samsung claims that it can support voice to text input in smartphone applications, checking emails and read out loud messages when you are unable to get your hands on the smartphone yourself. Despite this software wasn’t fully furnished before its launch, the new Samsung voice assistant will be coming tomorrow.


In a 6 second Samsung SmartLife ad appeared on Facebook and Instagram, a short quote “Get ready for a smarter way to use your phone” has appeared on the S8 alongside with the 08 22, which supposed to be the date for the official launch of Bixby voice assistant. Galaxy S8 users, it’s time to do the prep.