Microsoft Bing search brings lots more new features

Recently Microsoft has been putting more efforts in the refinement of their search engine – In the latest update, Microsoft has added a new feature where users can search for the images and looks for retailers online. Besides, Bing will also show the similar images in different sizes as well as related images in the search results. All of these new features will be available in the next update in Windows, Android and iOS platform worldwide. 

Apart from Bing image search update, the Bing search engine application in mobile platform also has been updated. A beautiful background image will be shown on background with labelled description on the bottom. Bing website will also comes with latest news and Bing Rewards and comes with lot more customization.

However one of our editor at Zing Gadget found that these background image does not appears after testing out. Hence it was speculated this feature is currently available in certain countries and will be rolled out worldwide. Are you attracted by the new features on Bing search?