Microsoft Edge will be the new Windows 10 browser, confirmed by Microsoft

The circulated new Windows proprietary browser project, Spartan has finally been unveiled today. Instead of naming as Microsoft Spartan, Microsoft decided that the new Windows 10 browser is going to named as Microsoft Edge. 

The new Microsoft Edge internet browser will now support Cortana, a voice assisted search engine developed from Microsoft. The cortana also support live drawing on the browsing page which can be saved later for reference.

Instead of revolutionizing a new icon, the Microsoft Edge will still feature the similar icon with the dismissed Internet Explorer logo which just some design changes on the the “e’ sign. Besides, Microsoft also stated that this browser will be able to supports Firefox and Google Chrome plugin from the store.

This Microsoft Edge will be available as official browser on Windows 10. Since the Microsoft Edge has just appeared for a short moment, we will see how does this browser perform as what Microsoft have promised.