Microsoft & IDC announces Malaysia AI innovation report.

In the Microsoft Innovation Summit this morning, Microsoft & IDC has shown some current statistic of AI applications in Malaysian companies. This statistic report were derived from interviews with 100 business owners and employees on the integration of AI to work.

According to the report, there are more than 70% of respondents agree on AI to enhances the competitiveness of a company. However, only 26% of the companies has begin the application of AI into their business operation. Two percent of the respondents utilizes AI as core mechanism for business operations while another 24% has just started.

As this number seems to be insignificant today, Microsoft & IDC expects AI to grow 2.2 times in 2021 in commercial sector.

Microsoft & IDC stated that AI has bring several benefits which enhances innovation, competitiveness, operation, productivity and more.

Those business who has started utilizing AI which have tams that’s specialized in data analysis and they will tend to hire more engineers and focus more on data management & planning.

In terms of AI replacing human works, interviewer presented with an optimistic view as 7% of interviewee stated that their job will be replaced with these technology.

However, AI will improves efficiency and productivity in completing a task.

The biggest obstacle for AI popularization in local market is largely accounted by the lack of right mindset, technology and analysis. Many has commented that AI might not be a perfect tool or they have no idea on such implementation.


As the lack of AI deployment in Malaysia, Microsoft has bring AI Business School (Click here to learn more) in the previous years. The MDEC data economics director also  pointed out that Malaysia is constructing an AI mechanism that can assist local businesses in research and development in AI. The architecture is expected to be completed within this year and will be deployed next year, but there are no more specific details yet.