Microsoft patents “Safe Driving Mode” for Windows Phone

While most smartphone manufacturer has been busying applying patents for their new ideas, Microsoft has recently patented a new feature for Windows Phone by discouraging drivers from operating their smartphone during journey. This feature could also be integrated into smart car system.



The primary aim of this Microsoft patent aims to increase focus and awareness of driver by discouraging user to operate smartphone which results in distraction and lead to accidents. As seen on its patent, the safety driving mode will restrict several function of the smartphone when driving.



This feature is somehow similar with the airplane mode of all smartphones. Once it is activated, the smartphone will switch onto Safe Driving Mode and some functions were restricted.


Besides, the patent also incldudes speed restrictions of new driver and automatic incident report during the onset of accident and speed reduction when tyres were flattened.

While Microsoft aims to reduce accidents on the road by reduce distraction of the smartphone, it’s unlikely that all smartphone users will obey to this feature by switching the Safe Driver On. It’s all come to ourselves on the responsible for providing a safe environment for other road user and pleasant journey for the passenger.

Source : Zol新闻中心