Microsoft release new update to Windows 11 including bug fixes through forced upgrade procedure

Earlier today Microsoft has released a Windows 11 update patch and this update is mandatory as it resolve security issue lying on earlier version of Windows 11.

Cumulative update KB5012592 for Windows 11 has been officially released to the public. This update introduces a slew of fixes, and KB5012592 is a mandatory security update that installs automatically with a delay of up to seven days for users.

Unlike last month’s security update, the April 2022 security update doesn’t bring a ton of new features, but Microsoft says it has fixed many bugs and enabled support for features like Windows Search Highlights.

Additionally, Microsoft has added support for up to three high-priority toast notifications in the Notification Center. This new notification feature may be useful if you frequently receive calls, messages, reminders, or alert notifications from apps that use Windows Notifications. After the update, notifications will get special treatment and these reminders will appear at the same time.

Previously, Microsoft published updates over HTTP on its update catalog, which prevented Chrome or Firefox users from downloading offline installers. Microsoft has now switched to HTTPS, which means that updates can now be downloaded over a secure connection.