Microsoft to bring Windows 10X for dual screen devices: upgrade in just 90 seconds

The Windows 10X development has just marched to another new level. Unlike Windows 10, the Windows 10X is design specifically for dual screen devices and foldable gadgets. In today leaks, Microsoft has revamped the design of the Windows 10X which now looks more clean and minimalist. Microsoft also promises that the Windows 10X upgrade should take less than 90 seconds, from installing to rebooting.

The reduced upgrade time is accounted by the Windows 10X operating system and application. It also adds supports for Win32 desktop apps and the upgrade will not affect system performance or removes data.

Most devices to be preloaded with Windows 10X will be dual screen or foldable devices and powered by Intel newest Lakefield processor. Microsoft stated that this new processor will be able to offer more power saving features while delivering decent performance.