Microsoft & UMobile launch GoOffice package: Office 365 + 3 UMobile prepaid from RM238!

Earlier today, Microsoft and Umobile had announced a partnership and launched the Go Office designed for SME business user. The package offers the benefits of Umobile’s unlimited traffic and calls and the right to install Microsoft Office up to 15 devices!

The package includes Microsoft Office suite, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access (open to PC only) and 1TB of cloud storage. In terms of communication, you can get a main Sim card and two supplementary sim cards. Both the main line and the supplementary line can enjoy unlimited calls. As for the traffic, the supplementary line will be limited to 6GB.

In terms of international roaming, the main line supports 4GB roaming in 12 countries, while the auxiliary line supports 500MB of roaming traffic. At the same time, the main line can enjoy 20GB of Hotspot traffic, and all members can enjoy unlimited Waze service.

To add on, the monthly fee for each supplementary line is RM45 and can be extended to up to 5 PC/Macs, 5 mobile phones and 5 tablets for a total of 15 devices.

The GoOffice plan starts from RM238 and you can grab it here.