More than 55% Malaysians prefer YouTube than TV, says report

As an average smartphone and PC users in Malaysia, it is very common for those netizen to search their favourites entertainment sources online. With one of the largest and top website around the world, YouTube has analysed Malaysian’s trend on searching their favourite contents across YouTube in desktop and mobile platform. Are you a part of the Malaysian who prefers YouTube over the cable TV?



With more than 8.5 million smartphones sold in 2014 within Malaysia, it has bring more than 77% of the total smartphone users to watch YouTube for sources of entertainment. This data is almost consistent with people who watches YouTube over desktop. Within this 77% of people who watches YouTube, 83% of them uses WiFi while the rest uses data (71%). It seems like major population of the smartphone users also uses mobile data connection to watch YouTube with less concern of the data cap.

The rest (23%) of smartphone users who dont watch YouTube over smartphones is mostly due to the small screen size, long streaming time and expensive mobile internet charges.



The majority of people who visit YouTube are primary looking for musics, movie and comedy. Are you one of them?



By providing the option for choosing your desired content to watch from, over 55% of Malaysian prefer watching YouTube videos over Malaysian TV. This is also mainly due to uncensored content while user can enjoy their own source of entertainment according to their preference.






YouTube has the most visits on 8 to 11pm which usually happens when netizens has finished their dinner and has nothing to do for the day.

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Apart from entertainment, 68% of the YouTube users agree that YouTube can provides the source of information on a certain product while 53% thinks that videos and review affect their judgement in buying a products.



With ads being the primary source of monetization, 60% of YouTube users put their attention into advertisement while 80% of the users agree that Skipping Ads function is very useful (We felt that too)

Are you part of the YouTube netizen? Tell us what do you watch on YouTube below!