More variants of the HTC One M9 and M8 leaked online!

As we could justify that the recent release of the HTC One M9+ and E9 will be the last version of the HTC One series released in 2015, a series of leaked image of the new HTC One M9 variant appeared online! Beside the latest M9, there is also another variant of the M8 leaked online from the same organization.

Previously we have reported that China Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre has leaked an unannounced model of the powerful smartphone, Nubia N9 that comes with 8GB RAM and 3.5Ghz processor. Few days later, the organization released another series of pictures, depicting the upcoming release from the HTC, codenamed HTC One M9ew and M8si.

The HTC One M9ew is undoubtedly another variant for the HTC One M9 that has been announced on the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona in February this year. As shown in picture above, this variant will likely equipped with the similar fingerprint sensor as found on the HTC One M9+, which has been recently released on China and Malaysia. However, instead of using conventional curved metallic back cover, the M9ew is likely to feature a curved polycarbonate back cover and does not features the UltraPixel camera found on the M9+. Thus, we could confirm that this variant will be another unique variant (yet) from HTC One M9 series.

Specification wise, the One M9ew sports a 5.5′ 2K display and powered by 2.2Ghz processor. It also comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. In terms of the camera, the M9ew uses the 20MP rear camera which we could predict the same camera equipped on the HTC One M9. UltraPixel camera is also likely to be equipped on the front and there could have large reduction of pricing compared to HTC One M9+ due to the use of plastic covers.


Let’s look on the leaked image on the M9si.

It has been more than a year that HTC One M8 has announced from HTC as their popular flagship on 2014 due to the revolutionary dual UltraPixel camera. As depicted on above, the One M8si features strikingly same design of the One M8 released few years ago. Looks like it is definitely another variant of the HTC One M8.

As an newer version of the One M8, the One M8si features 5′ Full HD display and powered by 2.2Ghz quad core processor. It features also 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which belongs to the common flagship specification released during 2014. With the 16MP dual rear camera and the 4MP front camera, we could predict that this model will be another cheaper variant of the HTC One M8 to be announced soon.

However, those images and information were released unofficially from the TECC China and there is no information for the HTC yet. Since there isn’t any confirmation on the release and the announcement of the product, we also have no exact details on the pricing on these models.

Source: Teena